Deep Listening Workshop with Antti Tolvi @ B Yoga Basel, Basel [27. April]

Deep Listening Workshop with Antti Tolvi

20:00 - 22:00

B Yoga Basel
Hutgasse 1, 4001 Basel, Switzerland
Antti Tolvi is a Qigong/meditation teacher and sound artist from Kemiö-Island Finland. Antti has been practising Taiji/Qigong/Zen for more than 15 years and has played over 200 shows around the world including China (Shanghai EXPO 2010), Japan (two tours) and USA (four tours 2005-2015). He has released thirteen solo albums and has been part of over fifty recordings as composer and/or musician. Antti has created several sound art installations around Finland and collaborated with dancers, puppet theatres and cinema. His work embeds peace, gratitude and minimalism.

This 2 hours workshop will combine silent movement and vibrating sound, from qiGONG to GONG. You will discover and experience Chan Mi Gong (Zen silence practice) and Silk Reeling Qigong. These practices release tension in body and mind effectively while activating the inner circulation of “qi” or energy.

About the practices:

In ancient times Qigong was called Dao Yin Tu Na. Dao Yin is defined as directing the flow of Qi and Tu Na — breathing. Literally it means breathing exercise. The Taoists celebrated and cultivated the art of living in accord with the cyclical play of natural energies, maintaining an easy, humorous, yet commonsense approach to everyday life. In this spirit, they created and refined qigong systems of meditative movement to induce harmony with nature, generate energy, and at the highest levels, to achieve spiritual illumination.

One can think of the gong as the sun. It symbolizes the universe and represents original silence and possibility of evolution (creation). Gong makes infinity's first movement. Its vibrations are the life currents of all forms, beings and thoughts that exist or can exist. With a single stroke of the mallet, the gong radiates life across a spectrum of frequencies, from the big bang to the time when the universe quiets down.

More about Antti:


Reserved in Advance

General: 30 CHF
Students: 25 CHF

Drop-in: 40 CHF
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